6 Easy Smoothie Recipes That Will Give You Glowing Skin This Summer (2024)

With summer's arrival, the pursuit of clear, glowing skin has never been more urgent. And even if you don't plan on strutting your stuff as much as, let's say, Rihanna or Scout Willis, you still want to feature the best version of what you've got. I understand that these are desperate times, but the measures don't have to be so desperate. Forgo those dangerous detox cleanses and expensive facial treatments — all you need is a blender and some of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

As you may very well be aware, there are hardworking antioxidants and nutrients just begging to help cleanse your skin in foods like blueberries, apples, romaine lettuce, and kale. Instead of quenching your thirst with (another few) cups of coffee or cans of diet soda, may I suggest swapping out one or two of them with a couple or all of these? Whoever came up with the old adage "you are what you eat" was totally onto something. It turns out sipping your way to a healthy complexion is easier than ever. Here are six simple, tasty and effective smoothie recipes that will not only make you feel good inside, but will keep you looking good on the outside, too.


If your insides and outsides are struggling after a weekend of binge eating and drinking, this detox smoothie from Chow Divine is just for you. She swears by this concoction, saying that after making it on a regular basis, you can expect strangers will come up to compliment your complexion. It's got romaine lettuce, kale, parsley, apples and bananas — the perfect combination to help you feel clean all over. The recipe is filling, so you can make it as your replacement meal or share it with a friend. Try adding some frozen pineapple cubes for a more tropical flavor or when sipping poolside with a good book.


So, here's what all the ingredients of this delicious detox smoothie do for your skin: Berries are powerhouses for antioxidants, which not only help your skin look young, but also protect it from damaging sun rays. Flaxseeds have essential fatty acids that help hydrate and smooth your skin, while the yogurt adds firmness and elasticity. And kale's got some major nutrients that'll boost your skin's overall appearance. Also, it's really, really tasty. Convinced? Check out the recipe for this beauty boosting smoothie at Easy As Apple Pie.


Don't be overwhelmed by this jam-packed organic smoothie — it calls for ten ingredients, from Goji berries and coconut milk to chia seeds and maca powder. But once you've got it all in the blender and inside your mouth, you'll feel and see the difference in no time, or at least that's what blogger Sarah Hawthorne promises. Besides, they're all great things to have in your kitchen pantry, so might as well stock up on 'em!


When the temperatures skyrocket outside, keep cool with this refreshing, rehydrating smoothie from Henry Happened. It's got coconut water (which is basically nature's Gatorade), carrots, strawberries, oranges and mangoes. As a result, this drink is teeming with the same vitamins and nutrients you can find in some of the most sought-after skin products.


This four-ingredient smoothie from Simple Green Smoothie gets you a lot of "bang for your blend." Unlike the first green smoothie recipe I listed, this calls for one whole avocado, which helps to reduce any skin inflammation with all its healthy fats and vitamin E. It's also got a few other good-for-you foods, like spinach, coconut water and pineapple. The trick is freezing at least one of the ingredients so the smoothie comes out cold.


This may look and taste like a mouthwatering milkshake, but it's actually super good for you and your skin. Flax seeds alone can fight against skin irritation, tissue inflammation or redness. Meanwhile, the almonds, which are packed with vitamin E, help to cleanse and eliminate the toxins from your body and skin. Bananas are also rich in vitamin A, B and E, working as an anti-aging agent. For the full recipe, head over to Cookie and Kate.

Image: Chow Divine, Chilly Frosting, My Balance & Wellness, Henry Happened, Cookie and Kate

6 Easy Smoothie Recipes That Will Give You Glowing Skin This Summer (2024)
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