Beef Stroganoff Recipe (2024)

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (1)


Rating: 5 stars


I've been making this recipe for years. I go back to it often. I cut the meat up into one inch pieces. I also changed the cooking time for the onions/mushrooms. Four minutes leaves the onions too crunchy so I cook them until they are tender. It's a family favorite.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (2)


Rating: 5 stars


Great beef stroganoff! Awesome flavors. I'm very happy with this recipe -- no need to look for another.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (3)


Rating: 3 stars


Don't know why another reviewer found it tough & watery--perhaps overcooking the meat, or forgetting the flour (or cornstarch), or letting the sour cream boil (which will separate it)? We found it pretty good, and the meat was tender (I cooked it just 2 minutes). Despite my adding dried dill and savory, the dish seemed a little bland. Another CL recipe used dijon mustard stirred into the sauce, and I think that would have made a world of difference, had I done that here. With noodles, all this needed was a green vegetable.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (4)


Rating: 5 stars


very good! also LOVE the 'chicken stroganoff pasta' with bowties.

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Rating: 5 stars


This recipe is fabulous with a few modifications and so easy. We use sirloin tips which are very tender with minimal cooking. We use Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream - we didn't like the sour cream for the same reason another reviewer mentioned - the sour cream was too strong, but the Greek yogurt is delicious and adds a subtle taste. We use cognac instead of sherry, but I think red wine would also be good. We double the meat and double the noodles. Serve it to company all the time and it gets rave reviews!!

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (6)


Please don't bother with this recipe! It's really bad and no amount of seasoning could save it. It was bitter, the meat was tough and frankly I couldn't even eat it. Being a light recipe I didn't expected too much in the way of creaminess but this recipe had none!! It was so bland and was horrible. I don't think it can be saved.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (7)


Rating: 5 stars


This is fantastic! rich and so flavourful. I used port instead of sherry since I had some on hand. The sauce is very close to my Mom's Swedish Meatballs which is her best dish. I've made this many times and will keep making it again and again. I cook the steak whole and slice it later since I prefer rare meat.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (8)


Rating: 3 stars


This dish was tasty. Easy to make. I added about a 1/2 to 3/4 can of tomato paste along w/ the sour cream, just because that's the way my mom makes stroganoff. I did not have any Sherry, so I substituted with white wine & it worked/tasted good. I also pushed the mushrooms & onions to the side and mixed the butter & flour in the middle of the skillet, then added the broth and it thickened right up. Not sure why the recipe has you do that in a separate pan?? My kids were not crazy about it, but just cause they are kids and it wasn't tacos or pizza.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (9)


Rating: 5 stars


This is an excellent recipe. The flavors are rich and the recipe comes together very quickly. I would definitely serve this to company.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (10)


Rating: 5 stars


This is a family favorite and has been made for special occasions. I substitute the sherry for wine and add a dash or 2 of worcheshire sauce. Also for the special times I use a really good cut of beef. Totally yummy!

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (11)


Rating: 2 stars


Not sure what i'm missing that others found so delightful with this recipie. I followed it as-is and found it to be rather bland compared to other beef stroganoff recipies I have tried. I wish I would have added in worchestire like the other reviewer did. Just feels like this one is missing something.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (12)


Rating: 5 stars


I've been looking for good, easy stroganoff recipe. This one hit the mark! It seemed like it might be too simple when I read the recipe, but I made it exactly as they wrote the recipe and it came out absolutely perfect.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (13)


Rating: 5 stars


Comfort food at its finest. Outstanding for dinner - quick and easy. The sherry and sour cream make this very very rich and delicious. I can't wait for leftovers tomorrow night. made it exactly as stated (didn't have parsley). Yum. Hard to not go back for seconds - but that sort of defeats the purpose of

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (14)


Rating: 5 stars


This recipe was amazing! I made the mistake of doubling the amount of mushrooms with the intent of making more portions with the same amount of meat, that's my fault, but it didn't ruin the flavor at all though! Oh and I don't like sherry, so I used 1/4 cup of red wine, and it made the dish slightly spicy and oh-so amazing! This has inspired me to do something similar with white-wine and chicken now. Thanks!

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (15)


Rating: 5 stars


My significant other loved this recipe so much that I made it twice in one week! It was total comfort food, and we found the serving size to be very satisfying. I have a larger slow cooker so I shortened the cook time to 5.5 hours on low, but then I found that the meat was still pretty pink. Then the second time I did 6.5 hours and it was a little over-done... Guess I'll try 6 next time!

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (16)


Rating: 4 stars


My family ate it up, even the mushrooms which we don't usually eat. I pretty much stuck to the recipe, varying the amounts a bit- I did forget the parsley though. The taste was good, just not quite what I was aiming for. Next time I will try it with parsley and worcestershire sauce.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (17)


Rating: 5 stars


If you like a classic beef stroganoff (and I do) this is perfect! Whatever is "missing" to make this light, I didn't miss it!

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (18)


Rating: 4 stars


This was really tasty and I will definetly be making it again. Before I made this, my husband told me he hated beef stroganoff. Well, he ate over half of it the night I made it. I did cut the steak into fairly small pieces prior to cooking. As far as my family is concerned, this meal is perfect as is.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (19)


Rating: 4 stars


For the most part I think the recipe has good flavor. The only problem I had was that the meat was a little tough if you follow the recipe exactly. It just doesn't have enough time to get tender so I changed the order of the steps so the meat cooked in the beef broth longer. It added about 30 minutes to the process but it solved the problem.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (20)


Rating: 1 stars


This was my first time ever having beef stroganoff. I can't tell if I just don't like beef stroganoff or if I didn't like the recipe. I am 100% sure I don't like this recipe, and 90% sure I don't like beef stroganoff. The sour cream is just really pungent and I did not like the cream-based sauce that emerged when the sour cream was added.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (21)


Rating: 5 stars


Made this for guests on Christmas day. It tasted rich and creamy and people raved. Now this is the only way I'll cook beef stroganoff. I searched this website and chose to avoid the other recipe that seems to have a tomato base. So happy I chose this one. Very successful!

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (22)


Rating: 4 stars


This dish was very easy to put together and is very tasty. I doubled the amount of onions and mushrooms and added garlic to them. I will make again soon.

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (23)


Rating: 5 stars


I was SO pleased with this recipe, you would never guess it's light. It is so quick and easy, a very good weeknight meal. I used a mixture of sh*take and white mushrooms instead of the cremini and added just a dash of Worchestershire just before I took it off the heat. I really like the touch of mixing the parsley into the egg noodles. Next time, I would make more noodles, or maybe even double the recipe to make sure there are left-overs (there was nothing left over this time!).

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (24)


Rating: 5 stars


Exceptional! Definitely add lots of parsley, and we use flank steak. Between me and my husband, we rarely have any leftovers...perhaps I shouldn't admit that!

Beef Stroganoff Recipe (2024)
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