Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)

SPD Writes Gran Turismo 7's Car Of The Week: Week 47 - Suzuki Swift Sport KATANA Edition Gr.4

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (1)

I had ideas for the name KATANA, but I'm going to not include Moto-san in this week's crazy shenanigans.. if you can call it that.

Fictional car based off a prototype, based off one of the most successful compact cars in modern Japan. That's the gist of it.

I'm not going to write it since said base car is in the game, so when that comes, that comes. But first impressions of this souped up Swift gives a lot of hints of what Suzuki is as a bike and car production group. Also, like most Group 4 cars, it comes with many colors. One of them's Candy Daring Red. I.. umm.. didn't ask for this.

FF cars in Group 4 are indeed a strange case of a.. mid to high level of player's choice, usually providing good strategy for winning in more speedier tracks, or ones with not much tire wear to factor. They come with excellent straight line thanks to their power to weight ratio being up and above its rivals. While we're not covering the Mazda3 Group 4 car that's been shown dominant at certain setups, the Suzuki is considered in the same quarry, being new to the game and a FWD driven machine.

At current mid speed BOP, the Swift brings a measly 308 horsepower with a 995 kilo load. These are lower numbers than resident lightweight Alfa Roemo 4C Gr. 4. What else is that this notably became the car with the most power to weight ratio. But we can't let numbers decide for us how this thing is going to fly. The track is where the car's destined for.

Which brings me back to one of the most well known events in this game since launch: Group 4s around High Speed Ring. During these birthday celebrations that flew under the radar, this one's a bit tricky to write. But I can do tricky..


Episode 47: Slice of Heaven

Within the confides of an overnight train's private first class room, Candy delights in watching one of her more unusual tastes bubble up and prepared hot.

Candy: "Matcha seafood ramen.. I.. believe it's strange, but.."

The smooth travel of the train at hours before midnight allows Candy to experience this as she would in her home or a hotel on solid ground.

She glees as she readies for a feast..

Candy: "I just cannot resist!! I wonder if big sis ever gets stuff like this in California.."

Done with a moment of wander, she then leans forwards, and takes a quick sniff, exhaling then after in mild ecstasy.

Candy: "This essence.. swear I could just roar.. RAWR."

Carlyle: "You's a called?"

Spoke a lion that just slid the door sideways at an instant.

Mildly shocked, Candy responded..

Candy: "That.. wasn't intentional, sorry, Leo."

Carlyle: "Don't sweat, pumpernickel."

With the doors finally shut, Candy..

Candy: "Now where were we?"

..finds the doors open again from the same person, this time asking..

Carlyle: "Scuse me a little, doll, but.. mind if I be asking?"

Candy: "What now?"

Exclaimed a disgruntled Candy now that her peace has been intruded.

Carlyle: "This really the only way to Hokkaido. I mean, exciting we get to go to High Speed Ring the first time, but.."

Candy: "Ugh, it's just that this is the perfect season for tourism, and plane tickets there are just up and up. You're lucky you even got train tickets."

Hearing she raised her voice, Carlyle didn't query any longer.

Carlyle: "Sorry. Sorry. My bad. Enjoy your tea."

Feeling like giving up, she corrected..

Candy: "It's not.. tea.."

The door shuts, Candy back in position on the small side table, but not long later, the door opens.

This time, without looking, she spoke, not hiding frustration..

Candy: "Yes, Carlyle-san, I know it's you.. was there anything else before I lock this door for tonight?!"

Miranda: "Actually, sweetie.."

Unless Carlyle has been taking voice lessons, she knows that isn't him, she thought, as her eyes widen.

To confirm, she turned, and saw another person's head peeking in..

Candy: "M-Miranda?"

Getting off her seat, she walked to close in, as Miranda waves with her eyes nearly shut.

Candy: "You.. umm.. wanted a chat, or.."

Miranda: "Graham was wondering if you're a little lonely, hmm? I mean.. you like your happy place and all, bud. But.. just want to ask. In a polite, Miss Miranda Summers way, meaning."

Her mood now unsoured by the presence of a soothing angel, Candy relented..

Candy: "Lonely? I guess so. You have a table, or.."

Miranda: "Yup. We'd like you to accompany us, really. We've flocks of hairs that get us the stares.."

Understanding her plight, Candy stood and reassured..

Candy: "Trust me, racism isn't an issue in these parts! Anyone that knows me can't harm a fly.. if you catch my drift."

Miranda: "That I do. But me being here and not those other buds mean you see the desperation.."

She softly explains, with Candy thinking for a small moment, then..

Candy: "I suppose that's fine. Besides, you all seem like you need me."

Miranda: "We come to you for guidance once again, eh? Like that time we helped a bunch of criminals rob a museum.."

Remembering the time she had to carry extra persons in a small underpowered Abarth, Candy rebutted in hesitation..

Candy: "N-no way I want to remember that.."

Miranda: "What?"

Miranda however took her time to raise her arms and show off her exterior..

Miranda: "She obviously didn't like talk of my beautiful bod."

Candy: "S-stop! Stop!! STOP TALKING!!"

She was enraged, but not more until Miranda came close and pinched her cheeks..

Miranda: "Teehee.. you're cute when you're broken."

Candy: "C-cute!! Why you-"

Miranda: "Hup hup hup! You better nize it or we might get some company, dearie."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2)

Travelling to the dining cart, the women arrived already mingling..

Candy: "So, you like prog rock? Any one in particular?"

Miranda: "Rush. To me, you're a weirdo if you're a Canuck and haven't a clue who they are."

And arriving by their designated table, Miranda shouted calmly.

Miranda: "Heyooo!"

Graham: "Mum!"

She takes her seat back, joined by the two men in her posse, as one of them asks..

Carlyle: "I see you done your duty, Miss Miranda."

Miranda: "Mmmmm... you can say that. Come, darling, say hi."

Candy: "Hi.."

Graham: "G'day. Or is it good evening? Just have a seat, love."

Greeted by an arm leaning to an empty chair, Candy accepts the gesture and sits, placing her cup noodle on the table.

Graham: "That's matcha.. in a ramen cup. Blimey, strange just be the bare surface of it."

Candy: "Yeah, umm.. it's an acquired taste."

Carlyle: "C'mon, Graham. It's in her name."

She however decided it's not how she wants others to know her..

Candy: "It is, but I don't want to be called a sweet tooth in more than one way."

Graham: "Much too late to change any of that."

Candy: "C'est la vie.."

Miranda took her time looking through the dark Japanese countrysides, and thought..

Miranda: "By the way, Lyle.. why haven't we ever shot a movie in Japan?"

Carlyle: "T's more complicated than just us bringing cameras and crew, babe. You's will get a headache thinking about it."

Thinking of Japanese media culture, she hatched a plan..

Miranda: "We could make it an adult film.."

Carlyle: "It's not my decision to make, doll."

Overhearing this while snacking, Candy asked..

Candy: "You guys are movie stars? You definitely look the part."

Miranda: "Like in an action film, sure. But we ain't like.. umm.. A-list actors. We do however perform our own stunts, right, Lyle-bear?"

Carlyle: "Ab-so-freaking-lute-ly! Though dangerous, we make ends meet, but lucky for these folk I always got work for them."

He's being coy, she thought, but she figured..

Candy: "This is where your smuggling business come in?"

Showing that nasty grin of his, Carlyle replied in earnest..

Carlyle: "Told you's all she's good."

Miranda: "Good? Try great. Magnificent, even. Graham? You've been so quiet.. you alright, sugar?"

All eyes go to Graham, who's on his side, and visibly worried.

Graham: "M-mum. Please. I want some time to meditate."

Carlyle: "Nerves? What's up, pal?"

No hiding it now, Graham explains..

Graham: "I don't know.. High Speed Ring.. competition is going to be fierce. I like Blue Moon like the next bloke, but.. the pressure really is weighing on me, guv."

Carlyle: "This is why she's here, ain't it so?"

Remembering why she's here, Candy then remembers..

Candy: "I hear you drive a mean Suzuki in Group 4. Not only do I want to see it in person.."

Carlyle: "She can share with you's a few tricks up her sleeves.. she got no sleeves.."

She knew he was joking, thus the amused response..

Miranda: "Oh, you are so silly, Lyle-bear."

Carlyle: "Point is, we're all here so you can get you that sweet W's much more easy."

He's surrounded by friends, he thought, though it couldn't shoo away the shadowed cloud in his head, as he pats himself back to the real world..

Graham: "I should be more confident, alright. But.. don't judge me, but I just have a bad bad feeling, alright?"

Candy: "When that happens.. a good night's sleep usually does the trick. Cue tomorrow morning, author guy.."

High Speed Ring
Teshikaga, Kawakami District, Hokkaido, Japan
Late Morning

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (3)

That was strange. Back to the story..

Now late in the morning in this famed Hokkaido based venue, Candy makes her arrival into the racer's entryway..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (4)

Exiting her car, and ready to give a good show, she carries her bag and moves to the garages, where she sees a figure hiding behind a stack of tires..

Candy: "Lyle-san?"

Unsure what's going on, she moves on to find out.

As she closes the distance, she then asks..

Candy: "I swear, it's now YOU that's scared. Why's that? Cat got your tongue?"

Carlyle: "Scared. Hah! I ain't scared, doll.. except when there's THAT guy there.."

He then points to one of the nearby cars eligible to compete..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (5)

Which Candy then figured he meant the driver, being..

Candy: "That's that Swedish killing machine. Shinigami Sorensen."

She thought it all a coincidence, which prompted her to explain..

Candy: "I'm sure he's not here to hunt for you, Leo."

Carlyle: "You don't knows that, does ya, Candy?"

Candy: "N.. no? Why, have you like.. encountered each other before?"

Recalling a bad moment (Week 12), Carlyle explained, hesitated..

Carlyle: "We was working one time, he followed me and Miss Miranda up a mountain, and I swear, toots, he wants to suck the life outta me!"

The tone of anguish convinced her however..

Candy: "Oh.. okay.. Umm.. how about I go talk to him, see why he's here. Thanks to my Augur issue, I'll find out what he's up to."

Carlyle: "Appreciate that, doll. Like, really really appreciate it!"

She left the hiding spot, and walked close to the Bugatti team garage.

Checking her general presentation, she then walks in, flashing her tag around when needed.

She then closes in to the tall Swede..

Candy: "Excuse me.. Helwalker.."

Reaching for his attention, he then sees her, and looks down..

Rodulf: "Oh? The little mus Candy? What are you sniffing around here for?"

Candy: "I'm here with team Suzuki as a special guest of sorts. Looks to me you're up to something."

Thinking she's up to something, Rodulf answers bluntly..

Rodulf: "No. There's no scheme from me today. Nor has Augur made any noise.. any idea why's that?"

Candy: "Wish I knew. They're doing something to my friend.. trust me I really wish I knew."

Rodulf: "Argh, don't worry. I trust you. I can only tell you I'm just racing for the weekend, so.."

Candy: "Have fun then!"

Now looking beside her, Rodulf takes his attention aside..

Rodulf: "I see your friends are behind."

Candy: "Oh?"

He observes, and recognizes them, showing a grim look.

Rodulf: "It's those two again."

Candy: "Again?"

Leading the two approaching, Miranda greets.

Miranda: "Hi there, big guy!"

Knowing her true identity, Rodulf struggles, as he greets back..

Rodulf: "Crim.. um, maiden Miranda! How.. uhh.. is the day?"

Miranda: "Swell.. you remember Lyle? Say hi, Lyle."

He however still showed ample amounts of worry, shouting..

Carlyle: "GET. HIM. AWAY!!"

Miranda: "Tut tut.. we are going to have a talk about this, okay?"

Wanting to explain, Rodulf turns to the Asian and..

Rodulf: "I had them left for dead, but.. things happen. Seems his psyche has taken a hit, mus."

Candy: "Figures."

Rodulf: "You two aren't on any contract or hit list. Stop being such a baby."

He spoke with his professional, however deadpan tone.

Miranda: "Yes.. well.. Candy, think you can take him to Graham? I have some.. catching up to do."

Questioning that, Candy eventually accepted.

Candy: "Uhh.. well.. okay. Lyle?"

Thinking to finally get back on all the times she's been dragged on the back of her dress collar, she had a look, but wearing a loose tank top means..

Candy: "There's not a collar to yank from what he's wearing.."

He's no gentleman, but Rodulf saw an opportunity..

Rodulf: "Allow me.. BOO!"

That act was enough for Carlyle to launch and dash away..

Carlyle: "ESCAPING!!"

Rodulf: "Drastic, but surely he's in a better place."

Miranda tended to Candy still looking on the scared stunt actor..

Miranda: "You thought Lyle-bear was fearless?? I hoped that changed your mind, eh?"

Candy: "I suppose so.. Well, I better make sure he doesn't make a fuss."

And as she leaves, the two left turn to each other, Miranda especially changing face to something more grim..

Rodulf: "So.. Crimson one.. You've heed my call?"

The Crimson End: "That I have. I hear songs that Augur agent D'Antonio will emerge."

Rodulf: "We do need her alive. Don't mess it up."

The Crimson End: "No mess.. Aww.. I can't promise that.. ehe ehe.."

Looking up to a line banner of superbike based sponsors, she sees that..

Candy: "This is Suzuki alright."

Wandering ahead, and bowed by the various staff, she closens in to their main attraction.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (6)

As her first time seeing it up close, she inspects..

Candy: "Impressive. Flares, clean interior, nice gold trim. This is race ready alright."

Finishing up her quick overview of the car her friend's driving in a few days, she then looked into the distance and notes a suited man.

Candy: "What is HE doing here?"

Said suited man is the man known as Judge Bill, and curious, Candy approached him with no fear.

Candy: "Funny seeing you out of the Glen, Marsden."

Says Candy with a tease in her lips, of which Billy then scratched his hair then replied.

Billy Bob: "What, it ain't like I can't go out and see the world, right?"

Candy: "It's not a rule, just a curiosity."

Billy Bob: "Like I wager. What are you here for? I suppose I'll just say I'm here for a client."

A key word in his work, Candy pursues with intrigue.

Candy: "Client? I guess it means you're not going to share that.."

Billy Bob: "Ayup."

Candy: "Figures. Any clue on where Graham Wilde is? That's Wild with an E, as you see on that flag there?"

Pointing to Suzuki, Billy gazes on, then makes a guess..

Billy Bob: "Wyyy.. I'd say he's getting ready."

Candy: "Are you sure he's not your client today, Bill?"

Billy Bob: "Anope."

Not getting her way, Candy's patience grow short..

Candy: "Ughh.. You're under some kind of influence, I know it."

Billy Bob: "Keep asking, and I'll let you know how it's like to be arguing with me about what the best kind of shine is. I say this a lot: I'm sma-"

Candy: "-rter than you look. Got it."

Not to let her down, Billy then replied..

Billy Bob: "Pardon me if I'm annoying you, just that I keep client confidentiality at a top prioritory."

Candy: "It's fine. I'm not sure why I'm prying, actually. Something isn't right."

Just as those words come out, Candy then notices a garage opening, with another team walking out of it.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (7)

But what took her interest was the lady walking out as the team's driver..

Candy: "Sophia? Something definitely isn't right."

Billy Bob: "What 'bout a Sophia that got your jimmies rustled?"

Candy: "I don't think it concerns you."

In thought while at a distance from a potential threat, Billy slides over.

Candy: "Honestly I don't know how to approach this."

Billy Bob: "Need advice?"

Candy: "Shoot. She's just about as hostile as a rabid dog."

Billy Bob: "She is? It don't look like that. You girls got some form of common ground, or.."

Just as Billy prepares a scheme, Candy then sees to find..

Candy: "She's gone.. by the looks of things, she's definitely racing."

Billy Bob: "Pardon me a moment, but why you all jumpy over some cutie in round glasses?"

Candy: "She's Augur. Like.. those guys I hoped you can take legal action should whatever happen to me because of them. THOSE guys.."

Remembering their encounter in the Glen, Billy then recalled, as a bulb lightens above his head.

Billy Bob: "Oh.. ohh! Why didn't you say so?!"

Candy: "It just came, okay? My mind's in many different places today."

Speaking of different places, Candy then sees a few key personnel from the Suzuki garage, prompting her leave.

Candy: "Nice. I think my man's here. You got someplace to be?"

Billy Bob: "As a matter of fact, I diddly do.. see you around, sweet thing."

Candy: "Likewise."

Now away from the New York lawyer, Candy reunites with Graham in a racesuit, along with his yellow donned sidekick.

Candy though did note Carlyle being absent still, and asked..

Candy: "Did she fill you in?"

Graham: "On?"

Candy: "Grim Reaper trouble?"

Ensuring to keep their sanities in check, Miranda softly affirms..

Miranda: "Don't you boys worry a thing. He's not doing any of his work today."

Graham: "Coming from you, mum.. means it's something less to worry about, at least."

Miranda: "Right-o!"

Graham: "By the way, Candy: you see the car I'm driving?"

Gesturing to Candy of his car, Candy crossed her arms and described..

Candy: "I see a lot of tuned Swifts, but I'm not too familiar with this Group 4 custom."

Graham: "Neither does she. But let's toss out the imminent sexism and focus on what needs work."

Candy: "What exactly does need work? I'm going to assume you're going to run this with BoP on anyways."

Slapping the roof akin to a certain meme, Graham then happily spoke..

Graham: "That's right, but I just need a second opinion. We're running a fast track with a lightweight car and I put in my special little setup that shortens the gearing. Thing is.. it's going to be worse for fuel."

Candy: "Play with the downforce?"

Graham: "Can't do that. Only brake balance, gearing and suspension."

Candy: "We're really running low on options.."

And with a snap of his fingers, a man came by and gave Graham a small file, but is filled with papers.

Graham: "Options? Don't be surprised when I say I've come prepared."

Candy: "Is that a whole stack of-"

Spoke Candy as she struggles to believe what that is.

Graham: "Tunes for YOU to try out. No pressure, love: you have the whole day."

Pressured, Candy then realized how good a deal she got into..

Candy: "No wonder I'm 100 thousand credits richer.."

Miranda: "Don't sweat! At least you're not racing."

As she skims through the papers, she then notes..

Candy: "Grr.. a car so unnaturally capable makes me wish I was!"

Not long after, she then reveals..

Candy: "If I was alone, my eyes would glow and my mouth would drool at all this potential.."

Miranda: "Oooohh, you've really hooked her in real good.."

Graham: "Took the words right out of me, mum."

Talking from a radio, Graham relays his voice to his driver..

Graham: "Shadow One? Come in, Shadow One. This is Road King, over."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (8)

Candy: "Road King?"

Graham: "You're not making this easy, love? Fine, we drop the lingo."

Candy: "So, what kind of setup is in this Swift now?"

Graham: "Easy there. You're getting as is before we start pumping it with all kinds of wonder.. oh yes."

Candy: "Ehh.. fair enough."

Little Thing Gone Wild
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Wrong Creatures

When I said one of the best additions in GT7, the joke ends there. That's what I thought of the Swift Gr.4 car in a nutshell. But I think I need to elaborate.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (9)

With barely 300 horsepower, and a significant lack of heft, the Swift posseses the highest power to weight ratio in the entirety of Group 4. While this sounds good on writing, not all is as grand as you think, or we might be getting this car to be just as popular as the Mazda 3 on Sport mode. And thankfully that's not the case.

Before we get on the good things about this car, let's go and address the bad. The car, at any BOP, will find it lacking torque past the 5500 RPM range. More practical drivers might notice this when revving the car high. I'm not sure this is the right advice, but if you want to short shift, the right time is to do it just before the light fills.

Given race parts, the car in general has no notable downsides, aside from one: on top end, the gearing is TERRIBLE. Testing this on the High Speed Ring GT Cup event, you'll find yourself struggling to reach 6th gear. It's compounded further by the poor torque at higher RPMs. Yes, I also tested that one Alfa on the same BOP, and that car is actually better on top end. Slightly, but should you find these two duking it out with slipstream, they're both going to keep going back and forth with each other.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (10)

Let's see.. if we're going to find it understeering, you're either doing it on purpose (brake balance??), or going uphill, where you can feel that difference, notably when you're familiar with driving it. It also hates curbs, where the worst of the bunch will unsettle, though being FWD makes this issue more of an annoyance.

And.. that's all the bad. Now for the fun stuff.

If you can think of driving any of the Group 4 FWD machinery, the Swift will insert itself in this class as the driver's choice. Whatever weaknesses the car has is at a minimum. Power understeer especially seems to have disappeared. I usually find myself needing to shift up mid corner to ensure it doesn't happen.. except here.

Let's go back to the numbers. Now, I mentioned it being not only super light, but also has the best power to weight ratio. You know what that means? This car will make you appreciate the lightness feeling of these kind of cars, moreso since Lotus is absent from this series. Imagine this battling an Evora Gr.4? But it means mainly your handling is crisp, even more than most other cars in its class. This handling is so sublime, I can bravely brake late (by just a teeny bit of course, or else hurr unbalanced trash), and get the car going around the corners in a fine sophisticated manner. Words cannot do justice how nice this is. As I mentioned with these kinds of cars in Mini Mexico, you gotta try it.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (11)

If my experience doesn't speak for it, how about some hands on testing from a more consistent source? I went to the GT Cup event on Brands Hatch full, and with one lineup putting this tiny Suzuki on pole, it just destroyed the rest of the competition by a good 10 seconds in front. This is AI vs AI, and on BOP too. It shows that mastery of something this simple and nice is going to bring a boat load of rewards! Not to mention it's really scary to see it behind you, since it makes REAL good use of that slipstream when it has a rather boxy design to work with.

Tuning? You know I wish I feel a car like this needs this segment, but to be honest.. aside from the gears that need a shortening in general, the car feels just right to drive. Like Cinderella's glass slipper, it works as is, and fits right for the fated lady of royalty. We're our own hero in this story of life, and I'm very sure this slipper will any one of you, racer. Because it's a magic slipper.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (12)

Or if you like a katana themed metaphor.. be brave, for your sword will protect you, and earn you victories.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (13)

Candy: "Whew.. today's been interesting."

Later that night, Candy, satisfied with her meal and her mingling with Graham's trio, puts a sense of whimsy in her steps as she walks back to her homestay.

Candy: "Qualifying's going to be interesting tomorrow.. huh??"

Feeling an ill wind down the back of her jacket, Candy feels..

Candy: "Creepy. Feels like I'm being followed.."

She started to walk at an increased pace, but the strangeness of the situation keeps creeping through as when she notices her homestay's front door..

Candy: "O-open?! Might be.. me being careless! Yes! Or.. someone is here?"

Cautious, she looks through the dark doorway and notices nothing out of the ordinary, with lights all open.

Walking in, she takes her sandals off, and after a couple steps, the door behind her shuts, and she feels pushed ahead.

Candy: "Eep!"

Regaining her footing, she then notices the sofa being occupied by a certain Sophia.

Realizing this is another Augur plot to capture her, she panics..

Candy: "No! No no no NOOOO!"

Seeing the only way out blocked by a sneaky lawyer man, she surrenders.

Candy: "Ugh! What's going on?!"

Now off her seat, Sophia inches closer, as Candy starts to find her heartbeat turning rapid..

Candy: "This is it, huh?"

Sophia: "Hmm?"

Candy: "How I'll get caught.. when my guard is down. Well.. I'd say you've earned it."

Showing a concerned look, Sophia replies to these pleads..

Sophia: "Calm yourself for just a minute, Candy."

Candy: "Ehh?"

The Sophia that appeared before Candy however is reminiscent to the Sophia that's eager to help.

In other words, one of her former mentors in her fragile bud of a social life.

Sophia spoke soft, with nerves in her gut too..

Sophia: "I know my organization has been keen to take you hostage, but vecchia, I'm not here for that."

Candy: "Oh? H-how am I supposed to believe that?"

Sophia: "Our doorman: Signore Marsden will document this. Won't you?"

She gestures a friendly flick of her right hand, as the suited hillbilly lawyer readies the pen on his tablet.

Billy Bob: "Sure diddly do."

Fooled from earlier, Candy asked..

Candy: "She's your client? Talk about a very convincing tone earlier."

Billy Bob: "I said it back in the Glen, Candy: never trust anyone. Especially me."

Candy: "Don't remind me.. but why though?"

He plays around with the pen, mentioning the obvious answer..

Billy Bob: "Keepin' it simple: money. But I'm keeping these testimonials for a rainy day."

Unable to escape these clutches, Candy surrenders and begins to co-operate, as the moment begins to calm..

Candy: "Pfeh.. fine. I'm listening."

Sophia: "Oh good. First.. I'll have to break character a little, but.."

Without a signal, she grabbed the short Asian woman and caressed as hard as she could, with Candy flailing about.

Sophia: "Mamma mia, how I have missed you SO!"

Candy: "Wu-what's with these hugs? Sophia.. SOPHIAA!!"

As she let go, Sophia then explains..

Sophia: "Trust me, being ousted as a back talking spy individual really brings my stress levels to a whole new height. Who knew this kind of work would ruin my image among your peoples."

Candy: "It's like you didn't see it coming."

Sophia: "I saw, alright. Just that the leader himself didn't. He's still a young man, after all.."

Displeased of her relations, Candy complained..

Candy: "Is there a reason you sought me out.. you all used me!"

Sophia: "And paid you until this project with the blue MINI was.. as you saw.. disposed of."

She then turned back, and walked away, while declaring..

Sophia: "They were thinking to just off you, you know."

Candy: "Disturbing. But not surprising."

Sophia: "And a waste! I put a lot of effort into shaping you! Alora, before we get to that.. I know in your mind you're thinking of Lucia."

Oddly, she wasn't in her thoughts until said mention..

Candy: "I.. have.. but not recently. Her brother tells me she's in good hands."

Sophia: "Si. She's been progressing. At an alarming rate, might I add. Putting her out of her comfort zone has done wonders. Pretty soon, we might see you contending with her."

Not sure of this revalation, Candy shook her head, frowning as she moaned..

Candy: "Mmm... I don't believe a word of it."

Sophia: "And why is that, vecchia?"

Candy: "Just a hunch."

Sophia: "The why is important, after all. Baseless hunches are good.. but baseless nonetheless. Would you like to see the base?"

Taking out and scrolling through her phone, Sophia then shows a small garage, with the whole of Lucia's garage team and the driver readying for a test run in the night.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (14)

Candy: "Impressive. Her car's got a new coat of paint."

Sophia: "We have her team, now working with us in an undisclosed location.. since you snuck in the Belgian compound.."

Remembering their adventure sneaking in the Augur compound, Candy also remembers the person that supported her during the events of said day..

Candy: "As my big sis would say.. guilty."

Sophia: "But.. I want a favor from you."

A favor, how dare she, Candy thought.

But she wants to hear it however, as she then argues..

Candy: "To trust you after all that's happened is.. it's a slippery slope, Sophia."

Sophia: "I knew it had to come to this then.."

Candy: "It's going to take a lot for me to even listen, Sophia. What's going to sway me, then?"

Sophia walked close, with her knuckles clenched on her chest.

Sophia: "My role in Augur. The eyes do see all, I cannot lie. I know enough that I'm doomed because of this gamble I took, vecchia. You saw them, right?"

Candy: "Them.. meaning?"

Sophia: "Assassin's Guild. The man known as the Helwalker.. he's coming."

Candy: "No.."

Her usual composed self began to crumble, describing the crisis..

Sophia: "I'm in danger, but I have little time to convey to you what I am in that organization that deems relevant. I'm.. well.. I'm the one keeping you unwanted by us. Keeping Lucia safe, in good hands.. and not to be discarded by cruel means."

Woman to woman, Candy then began to feel pity, unstable in her emotions as she stammers..

Candy: "(T-this woman!) S-Sophia, what is this.."

Sophia: "I am BEGGING to you! I may work for these animals, but even as I struggle to convey to you the consequences of me disappearing.. Augur is ready to strike with whatever funds the grand leader has collected to flush you and the Mythic Initiative out."

Bellowed Sophia as she kneeled..

Candy: "Mythic Initiative? Oh.."

With her foster father and a good friend's project in trouble, Candy then realized..

Candy: "This is why they want Lucia? Use her as a weapon, and destroy them?"

Sophia: "That much I haven't f-figured out. But even for the next few days, just put your faith in me.."

Unsure what to do, Candy has trouble collecting her composure, asking for help..

Candy: "I.. I.. advice, Bill!"

Billy Bob: "I'm only the mediator here; this is yours to decide."

With her fate in Candy's heart, she then decides without much hassle.

Candy: "I'm a cruel Asian lady once. But I refuse to go back there. For now.. you're okay, Sophia. P-please stop weeping.."

But then, the door to the outside receives a stern knocking.

Billy Bob: "Shoot. I sense trouble."

Candy: "Ugh.. no time for this, Sophia. We got to get you out."

Sophia: "I-I.. alright. Alora.. let's not waste more time."

They readied to exit the back, but then notice the shadows on the door sill moving quick, as Sophia deduces..

Sophia: "TWO of them? This is not good. Not good at all!"

Candy: "One Grim Reaper.. but who else?"

This other person would send out an aura of uneasiness that Candy felt earlier..

Candy: "Eugh.. I sense something creepy.."

Candy turns back to Billy, who also had to think about this predicament..

Candy: "Aside this get out the back escape.. I really hope we have a plan."

Billy Bob: "Trust me.. I'm a headless chicken now. But.. if these folk be Assassin's Guild, I might find some way to find them out of your hair, Miss The Antonio. Like in a legal way. There's a slim slim chance the size of a needle in a haystack, but.."

Sophia: "I.. will love you forever if you can pull THAT off."

A payday coming, Billy excitedly replies..

Billy Bob: "YEAY! I'mma do my best of best efforts on that then. But the thing is we all gotta get out of this mess. Like alive."

Smashing a rear window with furniture, Sophia rushes the conversation..

Sophia: "We have no choice. Just run as fast as we can. I'll see if backup can come just as urgently. Candy.. follow."

Candy: "Ulp.. right.."

Billy Bob: "I'mma hold them off. You ladies go and git!"

Opening a knocked door, Billy greets non chalantly..

Billy Bob: "Hel-lo!"

Wanting to be polite, the Grim Reaper spoke up..

Rodulf: "Umm.. fuzzy person. I'm on the look out for someone who's already in your house. Do get out of my way."

Billy Bob: "I.. don't know what you mean."

He's obviously in these schemes, he thought, and thus, he rids his gentle facade and..

Rodulf: "He doesn't know what I mean.. see, this is what I don't get with people protecting targets of the guild. [whistles]"

Appearing from behind is a woman, dressed with a hooded garment that only reveals a sinister smile.

She spoke in a different, unnaturally insane tone: the direct opposite of her usual Miranda Summers self.

The Crimson End: "Does this one need to bleed?"

Billy Bob: "Uhhh.."

Rodulf: "Ahh, ja. He's in deep need for a blood transfusion, but what's in him is.. impure."

Excited by the opportunity, her hood opens, showing her crimson hair and snake like eyes.

Revealing acupuncture needles in her fingers, she glees..

The Crimson End: "C-cleanup?! Ehe.. I so do love.. CLEANUP!!"

Billy Bob: "S-stay back, she-devil.. I'm insured to the full extent of the law.."

She creeps closer as the warning's intention fades away, leading to a panicked..

Billy Bob: "Uuuuuuuuummmm.... AAAAAAAAAHAAHAAHAAAA!!"

The Crimson End: "YES YES YESSS!! Bleed for me!!"

While the anguish sets to begin, Rodulf then notices the back window broken, and the glass still freshly falling, meaning..

Rodulf: "Hmm.. they can't be far!"

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Arriving in proximity of an exit, Candy happily exclaims..

Candy: "Alright! We can take my car!"

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (16)

She unlocks it remotely, but notices Sophia standing her ground.

Candy: "Sophia, what's wrong?! We. Got. To. Go! It's not social media time!"

Sophia, putting her phone away, mentions..

Sophia: "Candy.. it's my emergency response. They're close, but.."

Candy: "But what now?!"

Sophia: "If I know the Helwalker, I know this man's blocked all possible driving exits, as well as an expert tracker. There are tales of him following a 500 kilometer trail. Something these top assassins seem to be really good at.."

Candy, willing to take this risk of a long chase, relents and sticks with the original plan, insisting..

Candy: "We can worry about that later. I'll break every road rule if I have to!"

Sophia eked out yet another set of tears, which gets immediate address..

Candy: "What's the matter?!"

Sophia: "For once.. I need to have faith in what's been given to me! Like you all have faith in me to help you be better!"

Rodulf: "For once, she's right, you know?"

The women look over, and see a menacing Swede standing not far away, providing a small speech..

Rodulf: "I see you clear as day. Much as I like to keep going, the game is about to end with you and I. I hope you have a prayer for this slaughter."

Sophia: "Signora.. we don't have time. H-he's close.."

Making another rash decision, Candy steps ahead, putting herself in between the Italian and the Grim Reaper.

Candy: "If you need to stall for time, I'll do it. Consider this.. for taking care of me.. of Lulu.. and The Guts."

Sophia: "Candy.."

Unamused, Rodulf walks close, and intimidates with mere words, pronouncing..

Rodulf: "Step aside, little mus. Really. What I am able to do with this little thumb to your throat is.. permanent. We don't want that, do we?"

She sees a stuck up thumb, thick and stern, which Rodulf then rubs with his own roughened up face.

Candy: "......"

He notes the young lady refusing to move, and remembering this habit..

Rodulf: "Eyes shut. Like that day in Fuji, eh? Amicable, but a threat to our secretive organization, however small or insignificant it may be, remains a threat."

Now really close, Rodulf lets out one last howl..

Rodulf: "Last chance. Step aside. I'm not into collateral, you know."

Candy: "What if.. what if I told you I knew where.."

Rodulf: "Babble whatever you like. She's going to die tonight, and should you get in my way.. you might be on the casualty list too."

She didn't take kindly to this gamble, but Candy hoped this is long enough..

Candy: "Urr... this.. fine."

Moving aside, she looks on to see what might be murder in the dark of night.

Rodulf: "I think the jig is up, D'Antonio. You ready to suffer one last time?"

Instead of worry, Sophia instead replies with gusto.

Sophia: "Hoho? Is that so? Tell me, Helwalker.. have you ever tasted fear?"

Rodulf: "Where did this change of character come from? No matter.. it'll make this kill more for me to savor!"

Lunging out a quick chokehold, he strikes..

Candy: "NO!!"

Sophia: "...."

But what was supposed to be a slender throat ended up being something more rough.

Rodulf: "Eh? What's this now?"

As he scopes out his view, another person covered in a crimson mist appears..


Candy: "That voice.."

Recognizing this, she then rubs her eyes to see.

The Outlaw: "..AND MEET YOUR DOOM?"

The power armor, she thought hastily, but her speech however said..

Candy: "Him?! (The dark one?? Here?!)"

Remembering their last encounter, Rodulf faces off the Mythic darkness once again.

Rodulf: "You?! How could you.. Did your fanatical fool The Messiah send you?"


A melee ensues, with savage martial strikes that clash with lumbering armored blows.

Scurrying around, Candy reconvenes with the other lady..

Candy: "Sophia! How dare you! You would.."

Sophia: "I-I.."

She recollects herself, finding her escape car: the car that came with The Outlaw, just awaiting idle.

Candy: "This is the time, right?"

Sophia: "Si.. I'm going to make myself scarce now. We will meet again, vecchia.. my friend. Promise me?"

Remembering her declaration of promises, Candy replied, strong and proud.

Candy: "Yes! I mean.. I promise!"

Sophia: "Strong, brave.. good. You've grown a lot too, you know?"

She gives a quick farewell gesture, holding her and smooching the air by her sides.

But before she leaves..

Sophia: "Do me a quick favor and see if Bill needs help."

The car then leaves in a flash, while Candy, unsure on how to feel, begins to rub her eyes and reassures herself.

Candy: "Will do!"

She turns to see the fight enshrouded in the toxic gases of the dark one's inner evil side.

Finding Rodulf in it all, he begins to struggle moving..

Rodulf: "Pump all you can.. it's not.. not.. it's not going to wo-"

He falls to the floor, unable to act and probably unconcsious.

The man he fought, however, isn't so unscathed as he starts showing sparks and noises from his armor.


Troubled with his armor's state, he notices Candy, unafraid to enter the dissipating smog, showing a stern but wondering face.


Candy: "Kami.. She doesn't know, doesn't she? Big sis.."

She then remember's Sophia's request to check on Billy..

Candy: "Someone else needs help."

The Outlaw: "LEAD."

They proceed back to the homestay, but Candy notices her follower having issue..

Candy: "C'mon now. Is something wrong?"


Not liking this, Candy then explains..

Candy: "We still have one more assailant to deal with. Quinlan told me she's this.. creepy one with a rustic bloodthirsty vibe."

The Outlaw: "THE CRIMSON END.."

Candy: "You knew?"


Arriving to the location..

Candy: "NNNNGGGGHH.... S-so fast?!"

A bright red flash cuts through the air, and the two came in between it.

The Crimson End: "Why, if it isn't the ever so lovely Candy Lam! Ehe.. your idiot lawyer pal's not doing so good. Time for you to join him, aha!"

Candy: "This gash?! Fuhh.. You okay, dark one?"

Managing to get a small cut by her shoulder, The Outlaw's armor however wasn't so lucky, as it gets a quick strike through the abdomen..

The Outlaw: "HMM."

The Crimson End: "Which one should I take first? I like what I'm seeing here. It's like an all you can eat buffet! I'm spoiled for choice!!"

Playfully choosing, she looks a The Outlaw with intent, then suddenly shifting to the other..

The Crimson End: "YOU!!"

Candy: "Noo.. (this is it, huh?)"

Again like with Sophia, The Outlaw intervenes, getting in between a murderer and their target.

The Crimson End: "WHAT?!"


The armor then blows up, releasing a gas cloud.

Candy flies out and lands hard, but remains unharmed.

She sees the outcome, watching the creepy blood knight fly out and land gracefully.

A figure walks out the gas, revealing the man under the armor..

Jake Ross: "Hmph. Think blood's on the menu, wench??"

Taking out more needles from her attire, she reassures..

The Crimson End: "Looks like a change of plan.. not like it's going to change anything!"

Unarmed and unprepared, he stands his ground, armed with a machete, and getting a potential last word..

Candy: "Jake.."

Jake Ross: "Find your man, my little Asian flower. I'll figure this out."

She dashes towards the homestay, holding her shoulder.

Inside, she notices everything in a mess, with Billy in sight, lying by the table, and with cuts all around his body.

Billy Bob: "Over.. here.. good to see you, darling."

Up and close, she then kneels and inspects.

Candy: "Damn.. it hurts to even run.. you look terrible."

Billy Bob: "Not dead. Guild's not authorized to send me to the vultures, it seems. Though.. got blood systems working overtime. Got to my phone and called me the EMS."

He sees her shoulder wound, noting..

Billy Bob: "Looks like she took.. ughh.. a good chunk of you too."

Candy: "You can see it.. is there any more?"

Billy Bob: "Anope. Lucky, ain't cha? Where's Miss Antonio?"

Candy: "Gone. An old friend came.. apparently working for her."

He then parts with some advice.

Billy Bob: "Go git to him."

She didn't argue, and stood.

Candy: "You?"

Billy Bob: "I'll keep it hush hush till the medical folk come. Go back to him; he might need your support."

Getting back up, she then exited the trashed home.

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Arriving at the battle zone, she sees a snub revolver on the grass, with trails of blood around.

Following this, she then finds a small clearing around the hill, with the lady taking advantage of her strengths.

The Crimson End: "What good is a gun when these blades.. can do much better."

She's unharmed, she thought, and sees Jacob already covered in wounds..

Jake Ross: "I heard you're bad, missy. Put me in a rut, this all you did."

The Crimson End: "Compliments? To me? You shouldn't have.. ehe ehe.."

She wanted to act, but isn't sure what can be done..

Candy: "Ahh.. this isn't looking good."

Twirling a serrated needle, the cruel bloody mistress readies her finishing blow..

The Crimson End: "There's a whole blood bank needing all this plasma! I better close the book on you, SWEETIE!"

Her target however refuses to give in, revealing a small injectable in his jacket pocket.

Jake Ross: "Not so.. fast."

She lunges forwards, but the needle breaks upon impact.

The Crimson End: "How??"

With the injectable inserted in him, the lady backs off, as she and Candy watches in horror.

Candy: "Something's happening!"

The Crimson End: "Who is this.. m-monster??"

This monster, now shirtless and steaming red all over his now extremely muscular build, growls, retaining his intelligence as he explains..

Jake Ross: "Say hello to concoction #7. And now.. fear has manifested into a physical.. form."

She unleashes more needle strikes, rapidly and aggresivel, but every strike all glance off his skin.

The Crimson End: "He's.. impervious.. but how?!"

Out of needles, she takes on a defensive pose, screaming..

The Crimson End: "SCREEEE!! Why.. won't you die?!!"

In response, Jacob feels his body from his right hand sliding across, excited at this newfound power he's knowingly created..

Jake Ross: "Seven.. also called the Wolfmother. Named after that fine lady standing by. It ain't true, but I know everyone wants me to say.."

Candy watches on, in awe, but mostly still in fear, as he spoke the sacred line..

Jake Ross: "Nanomachines, son.."

Clenching his fist, he continues..

Jake Ross: "Body hardens in response to physical trauma."

He then takes said fist quick to the floor, punching it with strength enough to destroy the well kept ground.

Jake Ross: "You can't hurt me, lady."

The Crimson one makes a quick charge and performs a flawless dragon kick straight to his chin.

But strangely.. Jacob didn't phase at all, laughing it off.

Jake Ross: "Heh heh. Spunky bitch!! What did I just SAY?!"

He launches a swift upper fist towards his attacker, sender her flying to a nearby tree, destroying it.

She comes out of it with scratches, but her morale takes a deep hit, as she comments.

The Crimson End: "Keh.. this is bad. Real bad."

She makes her exit, strategically retreating as Jacob has planned.

Candy however keeps watching..

Candy: "He's become a whole different person.."

Jake Ross: "I suggest you tell your guild superiors to stay away from the organization, or you'll have to f[BLEEP] with me! ME!!"

Shouts Jacob with authority.

However, a moment later, he kneels, weakened and rapidly breathing.

Jake Ross: "Ugh.. C-CANDY!"

Candy: "Jake!"

She comes close, still in pain, but not enough to stop her as she picks up the weakened man..

Candy: "Your body's shrinking-"

Jake Ross: "Back to normal.. help me up."

She tries to lift him with her shoulders..

..only that she's much too short, able to only get him off his knees.

Candy: "Dark one.. what's happened?"

Jake Ross: "We'll.. talk some other time. I suspect the.. police are coming."

As they slowly walk back to civilisation, Candy asks..

Candy: "That is some potent s[BLEEP] you got."

Jake Ross: "You wanted to be the.. lab rat for that one?"

Candy: "Afraid I might kill you?"

Jake Ross: "That's a possible outcome."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (18)

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (19)

Sitting in the restaurant's lone cafe, Candy sits by the bar, with her telephone on a video call.

Billy Bob: "Doing swell! I mean.. I lost a whole truckload of plasma, but these hospitals patch me up better than whatever hex them witch's hut I mess with in New York."

Candy: "You do realize there's a large bill due eventually.."

He speaks happily on his bed, all bandaged up, compared to his caller with a small wrap on her shoulder.

Billy Bob: "That ain't important. Them Augur bunch's paying, and it's gonna be big, for sure. What's you up to now?"

Candy: "Just.. drinking my sorrows away. My role here is pretty much done and dusted. I'm hopping on the next overnight train back home.."

Still affected greatly by those events, Billy relates..

Billy Bob: "I see. Well.. about my role with Sophia.."

Candy: "You don't have to say anything, let alone apologize. Like you said: never trust anyone. Looks to me I just learned the hard way."

Billy Bob: "Just another lesson learned, right?"

Candy: "Not quite, but I get what you're going wtih. Not sure where she's went, though."

Putting away that topic, he then has an idea..

Billy Bob: "I suppose I'll visit you the next chance I get. Maybe with Paul."

Candy: "You know my number, right? We'll arrange something. I suppose I'll leave you to rest now."

Billy Bob: "A'ight. See you."

Closing the connection, Candy then shouts to the man in charge..

Candy: "Another one! This is going to kill me, but.."

As she slumps down forwards, she then notices the nearby stool getting sat on..

Rodulf: "Little mus.."

Candy: "Hmm? The Shinigami?"

She gets up, notably a little woozy, but not drunk enough to mess up her speech.

Candy: "Don't you have a race in 3 hours?"

Rodulf: "Oh, yes. But I have some unfinished business.."

His deadpan serious gaze however struck her, as her arms raise in fear..

Candy: "Urk.. I'm done for, am I?"

Rodulf: "No, silly. What happened that night was just.. business. I have hunch Sophia will be here explaining why it's done and dusted."

Candy: "Uh huh. I must be dreaming if he's not here to chop my head off."

Rodulf: "The desire for that has risen a good amount, especially when the Oni and Erebos still remain loose thanks to you.."

He then thought about his partner for that night..

Rodulf: "How did the Crimson one do? She was quite the psychopath, don't you think?"

Candy: "You admire that, don't you?"

Rodulf: "My apetite for aggression can't best hers. Now you've gotten a full taste of the Trinitia.. what do you say, little mus?"

A good question, she thought, though she can only think so much after all that alcohol.

Candy: "That they're unique? There's a robot, a vampire, and an olympian. Archetypes of an RPG. Sorry, I'm not sure where you're going with this."

Rodulf: "That and the fact Augur as an organization are doomed should they band up for one last tango. Sounds like that time might come. Just another warning if you feel a need to cross the guild again."

Unafraid, she replies..

Candy: "That's a threat, right?"

Rodulf: "Obviously. Take it what you will, litte mus. But you're after all our special little guest. Live your life, Candy Lam. Live it well."

He then gets off, and leaves, steps of his heavy boots still shaking the cafe.

Candy: "Hmm.. with Augur's name out and about.. why am I special still?"

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After a quick drink, another name pops up..

Sophia: "Signora."

Candy: "Waaaaa... I'm hallucinating, am I?"

Disliking that, Sophia slaps her.

Candy: "OWW! WHAT?! Okay.. not an illusion. Sophia?"

Sophia: "Tut tut.. what is this? Drinking? You are so lucky the race isn't yours to take responsibility."

Refusing to be judged, Candy objects.

Candy: "Duh-don't bother me!"

Sophia: "Was this an outburst for what happened that night, Candy?"

Candy: "Ugh.. you're here to lecture me? Let ME lecture you! You.. you should've ran! Far far far away."

Still composed, Sophia gets disgruntled by this finding..

Sophia: "This is what was to be expected. To chicken out an opportunity. I mentioned that.. I have to have faith in what I do. And what I want is to win this race, signora. Even with the odds stacked against me."

Candy: "You're sharing the track with the Grim Reaper."

Sophia: "I've readied myself for that. Look, vecchia!"

Candy rubbed her eyes to see Sophia has a signed document within a frame..

Candy: "What's this?"

Sophia: "This is an Assassin's Guild contract. Meaning immunity from them. It's expensive, but starting my career in racing will help clear this debt."

Candy: "And your premium paying customers? Like me?"

Sophia: "Oh, they play a significant role in what I'm doing today. I'm starting off in Group 4. Should good fortune come, perhaps I might join you."

Still semi-drunk, Candy replies without enthusiasm..

Candy: "Exciting.."

Sophia: "Oh my. Where is your emotion, Candy?! Did my teachings go out the ears like I predicted it would."

Candy: "Ehh? S-sorry! I know.. that was the wrong tone for the wrong individual.."

Unhappy with this meeting, Sophia readies to leave..

Sophia: "Perhaps I should go get ready. I wish you the best of luck. And thank you. For trusting me, even though it's hard to trust anyone these days."

Candy: "Hmm?"

The sincerity of those words initially didn't phase her, but eventually she rushes off to the nearest sink and cleans her face, stepping away from the alcohol.

Candy: "Tch. I'm taking the easy way out, huh?"

Stumbling down the pit lane, Candy is on a search..

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (21)

She then heads to team Suzuki's garage, seeing Miranda and Carlyle.

Candy: "Where's Graham?"

Miranda: "Hmm.. Candy!"

Miranda turns to show some bandaging; more than just her shoulder's covered..

Candy: "Miranda? You okay? What's with the bandaging?"

Miranda: "Ohh.. I fell down the stairs a couple nights ago. It hurt, bud.. I'm a klutz at times, y'know?"

Candy: "Why's it the first I'm hearing of this?"

Carlyle: "Yeah, we founds out last night."

Trying to hide how she was blasted off by a drug fuelled uppercut, she tries to convince..

Miranda: "I'm.. uhh.. usually self reserved when it comes to getting hurt. Honest. Mummy won't shut up if she found out I got a papercut. I'm a stunt actress, for God's sake."

Candy: "Lucky to see you still have overprotective parents."

Miranda: "That's parent. Like singular, without an S, dearie."

Candy turned to the ravishing dutchman, inquiring..

Candy: "Alright.. but one more thing. Carlyle?"

Carlyle: "You's needing me?"

A question was due, and she had one man in thought..

Candy: "Umm.. do you know of the dark one being here?"

Carlyle: "Uhh.. dark one? You mean.. Jake? yeah! Got here just as we had dinner, as a matter of fact."

Candy: "That so?"

Miranda: "Excuse me.. the dark one? You mean.. umm.. Dracula? Darth Vader? Oooh! Ohh! I know: Darkseid: Lord of Apokolips!!"

Not amused by her dorkiness, Carlyle brings the conversation back..

Carlyle: "Ignore her: there something I am in the needs to know, doll?"

Candy: "Umm.. (yes there is, but..) just curious.. because.. that's him?"

She points to the side, seeing him walking around with a race attire.

Jake Ross: "Lyle."

Carlyle: "Boss man! You look.. ready!"

Replying with a subtle smile, he clenches his fists and spoke back..

Jake Ross: "Oh, ready enough to give Graham a little.. incentive to try really hard. Who's her?"

Carlyle: "Umm.. she's a friend. From work. Miranda."

Miranda: "Y-yes! Miranda. You.. you're a real spook, eh?"

Not knowing they already met, Jacob thought of her attire..

Jake Ross: "Spook, huh? I heard worse. If we're swapping first impressions, you're.. real yellow."

Miranda: "Umm.. I've no comment, sweetie. (This.. is The Outlaw!!)"

Carlyle then remembers an interesting factoid..

Carlyle: "Actually, you know Jess? This here is her hubby."

Miranda: "That so?! How I've never met you in person before is.. oohh.. all so mythical."

Jake Ross: "Interesting choice of words there. But if you lovebirds don't mind.."

This stunt acting duo then abruptly argued..

Carlyle: "We's not in a relationship!"

Miranda: "Y-yes sir! I mean, no sir! Have I mentioned you're making me sweat for all the wrong reasons??"

Not wanting to contend, he then requests..

Jake Ross: "Uhh.. what I've been meaning to say is.. I want a private moment with the little Asian."

Carlyle: "Knock yourself out. C'mon, Miss Miranda."

Leaving them behind, Candy's semi sober state turns to rage, remembering the Outlaw of infamy sides with a shady organization she loathes.

Candy: "What's this then? Are you going to say something that'll justify you being a part of that shady organization or.."

Jake Ross: "Yes, what you saw ain't any ways a fluke."

Her anger grows, as she leaps and tries to attack him, only to be held back by his arm holding her back.

Candy: "AARGHH!! If I would, I'd kill you! Let me at him!! Don't you know how much this explains their many mysteries that seem to relate with you?"

Jake Ross: "I don't got time for games, Candy. You answered your own questions nicely."

Now calmed, she then remembers..

Candy: "But we know they aren't to be trusted. And with you in it.. how can I trust you?!"

Jake Ross: "You don't got to. I don't trust nobody but a few."

Candy: "What about my big sis, huh? Doesn't she get a chance to know about this, or?"

Jake Ross: "Hmmh hmmh hmmh.."

Mildly insulted, he takes out a small pendant by his pocket, revealing a much younger couple of them embedded inside.

Jake Ross: "I've soiled my bond with that woman before.. I ain't keen on repeating that same mistake, Miss Lam. After Ayumi's wedding.. I talked, and hard words got exchanged. If it weren't for her help, I would've never had the chance to be part of their ranks."

Putting away the pendant, he further elaborates..

Jake Ross: "This is another of our hush hush operations. Only me and her. The objective is to seek out what these eyes that know all malarkey's all about. I hope that answers your questions. Still strictly between me and Jess, but still.."

Candy: "Didn't you hurt them? Buried bodies, as you spoke in Fuji that day?"

Jake Ross: "I mentioned that I had to bury bodies the time they came for me. Bury I did, but it was.. you can say another party."

Convinced barely, Candy crossed her arms and thought..

Candy: "Well.. looks to me you had to gain their trust, huh? What do you know?"

Jake Ross: "Saw a lot of their inner workings. Sophia especially. Maybe I can delve deep enough to find about more. Like with the blue MINI project. And Luce, of course. She's the main priority. I gotta know what you said.. of her joining that bunch at her own accord.. being honest or just a fluke.. anything else?"

Remembering Sophia's allegiances, she mentions..

Candy: "They're using Lulu.. your friend Lucia as a weapon to take out the Mythic Initiative."

Jacob then turned around, readying to leave, but not without his opinion shared..

Jake Ross: "Concerning, but perhaps you take that to Nash next you mosey on in Manchester. My role in that has.. waned."

Candy: "Alright. Do answer me one more thing, dark one. Trust? It's the main theme for this episode way I'm seeing it.."

He took a pause, but then explained grimly.

Jake Ross: "Nah. I don't trust them, they don't trust me. Not a grain, even. It's shady, even to me.. who might be crowned their most reliable muscle ever. My hope is that.. them eyes don't see what I'm up to."

With another pause, he then announces.

Jake Ross: "That's that. Now if you'll excuse me."

Candy: "Ahhh! Wait! One more thing.. you're racing?"

He turned his head, seeing Candy reaching out.

Jake Ross: "You didn't know? Actually, I'm surprised you're even interested."

He then turns around for a moment..

Jake Ross: "Yeah. I'm racing. Outside Group 3, I got the same racer's upbringing as Graham. You keen? Look around for an orange Jaguar. That much I'll say."

He then makes his exit, which had Candy thought uneasy memories..

Candy: "Urrrgh! Trust is such a fickle idea, but I can't assume he's not a friend at all. Conflicting.."

And the race is underway!

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (22)

Taking an early lead after contending with Sophia's 4C, Graham cruises his way to what hopefully for him is an easy win.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (23)

Thanks to his collaborative efforts with Le Glace Pacer, the car's the best it's ever been.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (24)

Though, the entire situation is still stacked against team Suzuki.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (25)

The mean supercharged F-Type comes crawling in as the race comes to its end.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (26)

And it wasn't alone.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (27)

Taking advantage of this situation, team Bugatti powers through the inside, surprising everyone it's got more than power.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (28)

The Swift's driver shook, losing his edge as car after car comes ahead.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (29)

However, the heat of the action shifts towards an unwanted rematch between two unknown rivals..


Thanks to its poor top end, domestic ricer gimmick, but functionaly viable, compounded by being an all around pleasure to take around the track, the Swift Gr.4 is an incredibly easy Sleeper, no matter how bad it is in high speed. Anyone having some trouble racing FWD Group 4 cars would be lying if they haven't driven this: the driver's ed of high performance FWD.

Though, if I had to rank the car on my personal Group 4 cars list, this has become easily a top 5. My top 1 still remains the Peugeot.

Now this reminds me of last week's Peugeot. Similarly, in this car, you should just put away the troubles of driving FWD machinery and join the church of Swift as they will have you see the light.

Speaking of light, I have a nice little something for this car: a haiku!

Swift, brave, stout vanguard
Cleave darkness as spring blossoms
True Group 4 sleeper

What's dumb is that this haiku did get ignored when I shouted it in the Saturday lobby. Ughh. Being ignored sure is my forte sometimes, amirite? TIME TO MOPE! (scroll down)

It's proven that my birthday's not important. At all. The one day I demand to be treated special for just one small single moment even, just.. poof. No wonder I hate it in my adult life. Just gonna keep telling myself nobody's going to care (sans a good couple of 'em).

The game thought: let's cheer poor ol' SPD up and gift him his favorite Group 3 car. So it ain't all bad.

I guess no matter what's done, it's going to remain that way. All my enthusiasm I guess heads to the writing, because.. not only did I somehow got writing back to speed with initial entries, I finally have something off my writing bucket list: MY OWN REFERENCE TO 'NANOMACHINES, SON'!!

Now on that bucket list is the landlady chase scene in Kung Fu Hustle.. the pompous ass Sonny Meng has to be Sing in that. Also a proper Sundowner styled villainous monologue. I wonder who that could be..

This trio of Graham, Miranda and Carlyle have never existed until today, and they make up for my supposed Sport era of story. Token lead guy, suave sexy lady, and the cool, high octane third.

I'm not hiding the fact that Jacob Ross is, when I started writing, the original main character. Look what's happened as soon as I put that role aside. You can say this is all intentional, as I can really let this dark hero aspect of him really bring in the dark.

As the main character, Candy Lam is bound to appear in every segment, be it either as the lead role, or as a small mention.

The infamous Sweet Toothed Lone Wolf of Asia, or known worldwide as Le Glace Pacer. While her social presence is significantly poor, her presence on the track hasn't been short of perfection, now under the pressures of being a monetary source of higher powers, as well as her role being the most prime form of woman racers.. But don't let her hear that.

Theme Song: Def Leppard - Bad Actress
Racing Duel Music: Def Leppard - Nine Lives
Gender: Female
Nationality: Hong Kongese
Age: 30
Current occupation: Professional racecar driver
Distinct features: Long, clean, straight ashen hair tied to a ponytail via traditional red braids. A stiff, stoic Asian beauty that starts to show sign of wrinkling, covered by heavy layers of makeup. Thin, rounded diamond face, with various beauty signs of it being worked on unnaturally, especially her unblemished small snub nose, heavily lipsticked mouth and thin brown Asian eyes. Short body with small proportions.
Choice of clothing: Typical modern glossy sleveless Hong Kong dress, but 90% she will have her favorite on, that's in blood red with a white bauhinia pattern on, with matching sandals. Most of her clothes and themes come in red or white.
Cars: Toyota GR Yaris 1st Edition RZ "High Performance", MINI Cooper S, Honda NSX Type R '02, Mazda Demio XD Touring

Even though she's a proud Hong Kongese, Candy is actually born in high society Tokyo, and more exposed to living in a usual Japanese lifestyle. An only child, it was easy to find herself spoiled rotten from a young age, getting what she wants and not caring how it got there, thanks to wealth she inherits strongly. Her father notably was an executive in Toyota's racing division.

A target in her younger ages, Candy's early life was full of trouble from others that are against her being a Hong Kong native in Japan. She never made any friends as a result, and this loner habit of hers remained even after changing schools, going so far to even give her a new alias. While her parents have a strong standing in the society she lived in, she remained in their shadow, because she couldn't find comfort out of it.

Upon reaching her adult days, Candy's first 'milestone' would come when an incident in a high class event caused her to run, leading to a manic police car chase spanning several weeks before she was arrested. The victim of these events would have deep ties with various Yakuza families. While her parents retreated to Hong Kong, Candy stayed in Japanese prison, learning that if nothing needs to come her way, she needs to learn something she initially dreaded to do: manipulate the human mind, a state of thought she was once a victim of.

After her sentence, she regained her freedom, and it didn't take long that was noticed by the city's largest street racing community. Still with her inherited wealth, she started off strong in the streets. Years then pass, in which she eventually proves herself as a top competitor for racing in many top endurance races worldwide.

While her fans are out there in many parts around for being a woman dominating a man's sport, she's not exactly a great social interactor, and is a nobody outside the racing community. With many questions still left unanswered, maybe there are more ulterior motives with the unsanctioned blue MINI project..

The newest member of infamous street racers The List so happens to be one country bumpkin that puts his charm above all else to any sweet talking, pretty lady he finds, whether they like it or not.

Theme Song: The Alan Parsons Project - Psychobabble
Racing Duel Music: Cinderella - The More Things Change
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: 28
Current occupation: Stunt actor
Distinct features: Blonde hair, often slicked upwards to a folded twirl, revealing his charmed, rugged diamond face. Small green eyes behind medical sunglasses, with a chubby hook nose and a wide mouth that drastically puts a nasty idea to his often showing grin. Average height, with slightly wide profile. Skin is blemished in many places. Always chewing wheat.
Choice of clothing: Never consistent, but it's always action oriented. He can be wearing a tank top, to army fatigues. His lower body usually has khakis and combat boots. Has an affinity for orange. Wears special sunglasses due to an incident that damaged his eyesight.
Cars: Plymouth Superbird, DeTomaso Mangusta, Maserati Merak SS

This ravishing, but honest down to earth lover was born from a long line of the first Dutch immigrants to America of the 19th Century. Being a rural countryman of Illinois descent, Carlyle hasn't been of note in the racing world. But everyone around him know this man can get into the career without issue, as he's got the moves thanks to his long experience as a prime stunt actor of a small Los Angeles movie studio: Aurea Signum Studios. And one mantra that follows would be how that studio never fakes their stunts. Carlyle specializes in the vehicular aspect of this, notably, aside from women, he gets his arousing fix through high speed chases.

How Carlyle manages this is due to his family's ties with the classic car communities all over America. He's never without his Superbird ever since he turned 16, and it's always seen nearing 200 MPH. No doubt this would lead to how he's a frequenter to the police stations all over the nation, taking chances to just woo at just about any woman he sees within. Most commonly, that would be in central Los Angeles, where his own mother works at, and he would meet a significant link: a Japanese officer living in America, who has ties with the most infamous street racer in the nation.

A night stint of The List was interfered when Carlyle made their legendary speedster sweat with nitrous behind them. Not only did it get him a spot on The List, codenamed "Hot Shot" as per their rules, but he would prove invalauble as team support, along with being a creative thinker stemming from his army cadet youth, especially if he'd be deluded to say women were on the line.

In fact: a figure such as he somehow carries major weight in the underworld, particularly being the man to go to procure older cars, be it a used car or a Hagerty appraised classic. There are strong suggestions his role in the classic car communities are just a front for smuggling, but rumors remain as rumors.

They said if there was a God in the worldwide street racing scene, Jacob Ross' moniker as The Outlaw was the very thing He and anyone else in said scene would be unequivocally afraid of.

Theme Song: Metallica - Disposable Heroes (Remastered)
Racing Duel Music: Gary Numan - I Am Dust
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: 33
Current occupation: Rookie racer, in guise of his top street racer moniker
Distinct features: Balding marked, medium swept up brown hair. Roughened up with a few cut scars, but smooth, thin chiseled, and somewhat attractive diamond face. Aggressive, azure down turned eyes, thick grecian nose and serious, semi-thick lips. Tall build, with a fit build carrying developed muscles. Those muscles would artificially expand further when he becomes The Outlaw.
Choice of clothing: Black is the name of the game, usually with a custom tailored suit vest under a dark long wool jacket. Never seen without a black bespoke pinch front cowboy hat, with an engraving: 'Oderint dum metuant'. As The Outlaw, he would add on a thick special bulletproof attire, and a breathing apparatus that steams out an unusual drug should he need it.
Cars: Ford GT '06, Ford Mustang Boss 429, Ford Mustang Gr. 3 Road Car (as The Outlaw)

As the firstborn of a rich Californian racing legend, racing was definitely in his blood and Jacob had that opportunity for succeeding his father, joyous and determined this is the future for him.

But in his youth, something happened to his young psyche, and to say it changed him would seriously put it mildly.

The details remain sketchy, and it remained a sensitive topic within his family even to today. It drove a wedge between him and his parents far enough that he wouldn't be the same after his teens. These events harbors the influence of him becoming a fearless, serious somber man with said fear as a weapon of his own.

Now that the weight of succession is beared to someone else, Jacob carved his own destiny. Mixing his passions of the past with his more darkened methods, he toughed through the many grueling years to become the self proclaimed, undisputed fastest street racer of the US, through being a founding member of The List, aliased as The Outlaw: a drug enhanced, nigh unbeatable driver with a penchant for deceit, destruction, disrespect and fire, usually all combined. It's said that there are unspeakable tales of terror that happens to those who oppose The Outlaw: the identity he protects dearly, so much that over time, he's developed a vengeance to those that threaten this visage and those close to him.

Eventually, he married someone: a youthful Japanese girl who would be the greatest ray of sunshine he could ever get. But even that was a marriage that wouldn't last, as both became a target from greater powers. After a long 7 years, that threat now extinguished, he resumed the bumpy, happy life, hoping to outrun the past he knew wouldn't catch up. These days, Jacob has recently registered as a rookie FIA racer, with initial plans in his head saying to take it slow. All seems dandy, until certain events including the rise of his wife's old enemies resurface, enveloping him in the darkness where he then believes is the only place he belongs.

And if his fans and followers are familiar with his talents that developed his legacy, know that his history with a clenching darkness has caught up to him. It's unsure whether his known heroic side has fallen, merged, or even co-exists with his persevering dark side.

A charming, yet somewhat semi-careless Italian maiden of race team management. Eager to help other people's problems, Sophia is highly sought for any racing team, if a bit picky or exclusive. Currently the only person on Earth that can represent a certain tamed racing animal as his ambassador.

Theme Song: Velvet Revolver - Sucker Train Blues
Gender: Female
Nationality: Italian
Age: 32
Current occupation: Race team manager
Distinct features: Medium, bunned up combed black hair with a bright turquoise ribbon. Thin diamond face with narrow green eyes, a petite ridged nose and mouth. Never without her signature round large eyeglasses. Average height with thin build.
Choice of clothing: You'll never see her without her ornamental bangles, a formal blouse and matching skirt. Always with a blue to turquoise theme.
Cars: Alfa Romeo 4C Gr. 3 Road Car

Being the sole daughter among her 3 younger brothers of a Milanese entrepreneur, Sophia initially came out as a big sister to inherit the family's riches when the time comes. To ensure this isn't gone to waste, she was raised with extreme care, bred to be the successor of the family money and ensure it grows. As such, she's bound to overwork her soul into getting what is the best for her family's future.

Initially with struggle, Sophia eventually became the ace in her class, achieving various awards in many fields. But what she didn't like was the fact it brought jealousy into the mix from her peers and siblings. She took into her heart that she would rid of this negative thinking, and after exiting school started a small tutoring school. It might seem innocent, but the whole point of that is to develop Sophia's skills to understand other people. Not to mention money due to the high society clientele around that part of Italy.

Before going for her PHD, Sophia's family formed a partnership with a friend to finance an up coming European hillclimbing series all over the continent. It was then she met an old friend she once tutored, now an Interpol agent. But it also allowed Sophia to test her skills in managing a league this large. With a mix of right and wrong, and the latter slowly disappearing, Sophia decided not to pursue her doctorate and instead tutor others in this new passion of racing cars.

Years pass, and she's suddenly under the wing of British car show Sim Gear, representing their tamed racing animal. Sophia's race tutoring carries weight in many top race teams around the world, mainly Asian based Toyota, Mitsubishi and Hyundai.

Bound by yellow, this Canadian sweet talking, sexy sensual stunt actress may be a sweet little rose, but behind all that posterior, many find out that roses have thorns. In Miranda's case, they might as well be dual layers of barbed wire.

Theme Song: Nazareth - May The Sunshine
Racing Duel Music: The Cult - Spiritwalker
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 29
Current occupation: Stunt actress
Distinct features: Thick yellow (not blonde) medium curly hair. Heart shaped face. Long and narrow, heavily lashed brown eyes. Thin nose and narrow lips. Yellowish hinted makeup with peach lipstick. Average height, petite muscular build, with above average proportions.
Choice of clothing: Rise and shine, it's all yellow here. Usually in her home turf, she's found with a form fitting sun dress, stockings and yellow pumps, along with gold bangles and jewelleries. Changes to shorter skirted dresses on higher heat, or thick fur coats with boots on colder. Importantly there's some yellow on it.
Cars: Mercedes-AMG C 63 S

The only child of a rural family hailing from a small lakeside community within Alberta, Canada. Miranda's early days usually has her time spent around the meadows, prairies and lakes of her hometown. She's unconditionally loved her parents: her fisherman father, and also her artist mother. Naturally, she's picked up small hints of their talent: namely physical prowess and the artist's keenness, all behind a face that's constantly calm, gentle and smiling.

However, the simple happy life finds a bump when the father's diagnosed and passes away from leukemia. His final words etched onto the small family's mind: find and keep chasing the light. Unsure, Miranda leaves the small village and ventures on to the city to find a chance at life for her teenage self. She's reached various lows, and times would come where an aggressive self has to emerge so she can stand out. There were many chances, but the light she eventually settled in was in the school of theatre arts.

Eventually transitioning into being stars for low budget shows and films, Miranda breaks it big over time and finds herself in the humble beginnings of top tier Hollywood, part of the small but well grounded Aurea Signum Studios. The hard worked efforts of the small family pays off as they're able to live comfortably within this lofty side of America.

Nowadays, she makes up a trio that's inclusive of her ex-boyfriend: a fellow stunt actor guised as a chubby ravishing Dutchman and her steward: a hard thinking British biker slash psychologist. An obvious team mom, sweet soul sister and always keeping face, Miranda usually finds herself short of cash due to her spending habits, and finds herself doing odd jobs, usually either as a fledgling street racer, or being involved in whatever her ex-boyfriend comes up with in his car smuggling business.

The most feared bounty hunter in all of Europe, maybe the whole world. An unstoppable wild killer, whose emotions are, to him, just a setback to the bigger picture. But there's more to him than just a savage, remorseless shell honed to kill.

Theme Song: Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Perpetual
Racing Duel Music: Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Gates of Babylon
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 36
Current occupation: Bounty hunter
Distinct features: Balding swept back parted blonde hair. Notable skin damage, scarring and blemishes on his aggressive, top wide then lower thin oval face. Small patch beard. Tall, and fairly muscular on a thin body.
Choice of clothing: Thick leather gloves and steel tipped industrial boots covered by industrial coveralls, usually only worn by the leggings. Tight fit striped shirt, padded with protection. A fur jacket covers the top when weather is cold.
Cars: Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Known mainly as the Hel Walker or the Grim Reaper. Rodulf is probably one of the best, and just as merciless and ruthless bounty hunters known to man. But his humble origins from Kiruna have been rather normal. He was a shy, but cool star basketball player in his small community growing up, and was prepared for a life going pro on just playing sports. There, he learned that teamwork has been a core part of achieving a goal. But all this does is reinforce his feelings as a man who works and operates alone. This is because as he was to exit high school, he would play his last match with his team before being the sole survivor in a plane hijacking, indirectly caused by, as he found out personally, a terrorist organization.

With all ties gone due to his death being presumed, the still young Rodulf learned how to survive in the cold Swedish wilds, from living off the grid, and eventually kill. Knowing enough of those who buried his past in the snow, he would begin a long and hard pursuit of these individuals, and he would learn to hone his killer instinct, put aside his sympathetic personality and get stronger after each kill. The cold bloody war would end as he would end the terrorists by his own hand. However, due to the leader being bound by a certain organization's protective contract, the just as feared Assassin's Guild would take action and send their best assassins to find and apprehend him. Mercilessly, Rodulf didn't think twice and put him on their radar when he sent these assassins back to their masters in boxes.

And he wouldn't stop there: he rampaged his way to the inner circle of this organization and by stroke of luck they instead managed to calm him and inserted him into the group to protect themselves. Now, the life of high stakes killing begun anew, with his specially armor plated Veyron being the testament of his nearly decade reign. The Guild would then place a major base within Kiruna, specifically near Rodulf's older stomping grounds.

While savage and likes to hold grudges, those who do luckily know Rodulf can find a quiet man who thinks to himself a lot, and while scars are all over his body, he can be quite aloof, menacing and anti social. While he's feared and protected, Rodulf can sometimes be found racing legally in the FIA in Group 1 Bugattis. He would make use of this relationship to bolster his driving talent with his own car. Some rumors speak of him clashing with a few racers personally, but nothing has happened on this end. Right now, he has his eyes on The List, with an eager gaze towards the man behind the strings..

An anomalous UK born American roadie turned fledgling racer supreme. While nothing stands out from the outside, Graham is a healthy gambler, fueled by his keeness of psychology in game theory: a studious and frequent user of this art, which always gives him an edge on his day to day troubles.

Theme Song: Motörhead - I Got Mine
Racing Duel Music: The Cult - Wild Flower
Gender: Male
Nationality: Half British, half American
Age: 29
Current occupation: Up and coming racer
Distinct features: Copper middle parted fringe. Square face, with round green eyes, thick nose and average sized mouth. Covered with mutton chops and a moustache. Pale skin covering an average heighted man with average weight.
Choice of clothing: Usually with a baggy t-shirt with a sleeveless biker denim jacket, dark jeans, fingerless gloves and brown heavy duty boots.
Cars: Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7

Born out in the deserts of Nevada USA, Graham was actually the result of a rich American with a British mistress. However, with them having no willingness to take care of him, they sent him to the nearest orphanage. He never quite learned of this fact until he was an adult, but he let that part of his past go; his life as an orphan hazed all over this, as it's in no way bad, just challenging.

Usually out and about in the deserts, Graham's main exposure to the outside world was due to 3 determining factors: bikes, his closest brother Jonathan, and his competitive nature to win. This latter fact has Graham eventually learn the inner depths of game psychology: a skill he utilizes when it's needed. His teenage life was all about riding their old Harley Davidson revived from a dump, then heading to every town, noting every chess competition and making a quick buck in getting good results. Graham was no grandmaster, but at that age: it's hard to find anyone who can beat him. Not to mention he's been pocketing money over time for the inevitable departure.

Adulthood however took a turn for the worst, as a tragic accident killed off his brother in an incident that clashed with a former racer and his girlfriend. Graham couldn't take the grief, and wandered on towards the West, into California. What he strived to live for was reduced to ashes. Unsure what to do, he made a gamble that worked out: include himself in the day to day activities of a small movie studio.

Initially working for free, his overall patience would pay off as the studio's biggest stars took their eyes on him, and decided he needs another shot at life. Noting these stars as stunt actors with a penchant of doing their stunts without any ropes or assistance, Graham would work under one of them as her steward, growing eventually to be her good friend.

Finding out of the ravishing Dutchman's illicit activities, Graham took part anonymously, finding out his talent for driving is something he yearns to exploit. Taking up offers for Suzuki's newest branch of FIA racing, Graham knows this next gamble would pay off.

Ruthless backwoods private attorney, formerly known as Judge Bill for his unrelenting chase for the verdict he prefers. In recent days, Billy Bob's been promoted from your usual hodunk lawyer raised in middle of the US of A, to who racers call for to judge even the most inconclusive of racing incidents, often to the favor of the lesser.

Theme Song: Triumph - Fight The Good Fight
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Age: 36
Current occupation: Attorney
Distinct features: Scruffy, medium long dark brown hair. Rounded face. Wide, thin tired brown eyes, thick narrow upturned nose, and well kept but constantly drying thin mouth. Thin layer of combined mutton chops and chin strap. Whitened teeth that obviously shows sign it's been worked with. Semi-tall, with a semi-slim muscular build.
Choice of clothing: Suit vest with collared undershirt, along with a bowtie. Comes with matching suit pants and suede shies, and a crocodile skinned belt with a large gleaming buckle with the initials BBM. Always has a wallet chain dangling off his side pocket, and his district attorney's badge on his chest.
Cars: Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

Virginia born Bill was brought up an only child to two people he can hardly call his parents. Stuck with his father ever since his mother pretty much left him into obscurity, Bill didn't enjoy looking back at his past, and instead went through life as if he was cruising down a river, earning him the cool, sort of charming character one could get from living in rural America. What did however make Bill stand out in his life was his smarts. Not only was he a top grading student in school, he also was into wrestling, getting the gold medal in middle school. He might be built like a crocodile, but what muscle he utilizes better comes from his thinking.

Getting out of high school, Bill ended up desperate for work as his family's lifestyle took a toll to their finances by a large medical corporation abusing their addiction to various substances. Not keen on leaving this be, he went to save for an educational loan. While this might be the most demanding of challenges for him, passing the bar exam to become a lawyer. Taking on smaller jobs, he wasn't popular with the crowd, aside from one case where he proved innocent of a German rockstar slash magician. and his large bodyguard.

While working for a larger firm in New York, he took the case he awaited his whole adult life for: the one that aims to end the suffering of whatever family he has left by that giant pharma. Though he got the verdict he wanted through a level of dedication he rivalled when he was earning his badge, his relatives were too far gone, blaming him for the loss of their ecstasy, causing Bill to be cast out from his family and his work.

Alone, he however befriended an older client: a truck racer, who introduced him to the world of racing. There, he saw all the drama and the action collide, feeling in him that this path to settlements would lead him to be known as Billy Justice: the man that'll find the truth in any major incident on track.. or find the best result for his wallet.

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)
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