Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)

Thinking of being done for the day, Candy prepares to leave, but not before announcing it to the present Sim Gear gang.

However, just as she closes in to their set garages, groups of people stand outside instead of inside, prompting her to investigate.

And she puts out a sigh of relief seeing a man that might help out.

Candy: "Is something going on?"

Hayato: "Oh? Candy-chan?"

He looks down a little and sees her not feeling playful, as she asks.

Candy: "Something you need, Moto-san?"

Hayato: "No, not really. I know you're going to ask, because narrator-chan whispered it to my head.."

I'm going to make sure she doesn't remember that we're in cahoots, Moto-san.

Hayato: "Nyeeheehee.. where was I.. oh, it's the usual Jiji just trying to convince once again that his aniki's future is on the track, not purely on the streets. Usually it won't do anything, but it can be.. heated enough that the teams have to be put outside to prevent further misalignment.. of the bone, nyeeheehee.."

She's not so sure, but she remarks..

Candy: "I had a talk like this once.. just pure mention of his past sweetheart can help change his mind.."

Arriving as she spoke, Williem and The Guts then chimed in..

Williem: "Only that this time, Frau.. to say it will work again might not be a certainty. Isn't that so?"

He nods at a sluggish pace.

Hayato: "Nyeehh.. that's just annoying. Our dear Candy-chan only having a one trick pony.. don't you think so, Will-chan?"

Williem: "She's right here, Moto-san.."

Candy: "Despite that, he's right. I'd like to come in and say something, but I'm currently at a loss.."

Not realizing The Guts already had left, the man standing in his spot then spoke..

Jake Ross: "Loss, you say?"

While Clark and Jake usually were figures opposing each other, Candy thought them to be somewhat similar, as she looks up to him.

But instead, she asks of..

Candy: "Up and rested, are you?"

Jake Ross: "And would you believe coming in at the right time? Come with me, little lady."

Candy: "Ummm.. alright!"

As they split, Jacob turned back and requests from the German cool guy..

Jake Ross: "Keep the gates secure. Let's get the riff raff at a minimum."

Williem: "Ja, ja, you're the boss, Herr Ross."

And he then turns back again and heads in.

Candy, while following, then notices the same package from earlier on hand.

Candy: "So.. what's in the box?"

Jake Ross: "Hmm.. perhaps it's relevant now. Recognize this?"

He opens the wrapped box to unfurl a tablet, but for Candy, it's not just any regular tablet you can buy online..

Candy: "It's one of those Prophecy tablets.. and.. I.."

Jake Ross: "..Not from Murph.. but.. you will wanna see how this turns out, trust me."

As they enter, the garage might be in a less than ideal condition, while the car remains spotless.

The brothers, arguing like they usually do in regards to the reason, then notices the people entering without resistance.

Clark: "Oh, what's this, brother? The f[BLEEP]ing backup?!"

Nash: "Ross? What are you up to now, you muppet?"

He remains his composure, as he remarks with a hint of snark..

Jake Ross: "There ain't no concoctions or chemical warfare up and about from me, but I know the air here stinks.. I aim to clear it up. Here."

Tossing the tablet like a cheesy movie, Clark then catches it, recognizing..

Clark: "How.. did you get this?"

And just like any cheesy movie, it then plays a sound at the perfect time.

Nash reaffirms, asking..

Nash: "That's coming from the tablet?"

Jake Ross: "I reckon you better answer that."

Knowing his own organization's own tools, he scrolls the screen elements, responding to the mystery caller.

Clark: "Humph. Who's this?"

Not expecting anything good, the woman making the call speaks..

Cierra: "M-Mister Messiah, sir!"

Clark: "Cierra!"

Candy: "W-what?!"

The thick uneasiness then wanes as Clark looks at the tablet, seeing Cierra on the other side.

Clark: "My dear.. Chosen.. are you alright?"

Cierra: "I'm.. I'm fine! Yes.. umm.. before you worry or whatever.. th-these people are doing me a solid!"

Clark: "Good.. good to hear that."

Seeing it unfold, Nash notes to his apprentice..

Nash: "Well.. now we know your connection with those punks have some meaning."

Jake Ross: "Smuggling that around wasn't easy.. had some help from.. I'd rather not say."

Then it's Candy's turn..

Candy: "This is all Cierra's idea, isn't it?"

Jake Ross: "Yup. She's been trying to get ahold of me for weeks, not mistaking.. I deduce Luce has something to do with it."

They then watch the conversation carry on..

Cierra: "I know you want to see us. but.. me and Lulu.. we have a race.. in Road Atlanta. Same time as you guys a-are having your grand prix!"

Clark: "America's a tad far away.."

Feeling he's needed, Jacob walked in and added..

Jake Ross: "Atlanta? I know a guy racing with you.. Wilde, racing for Suzuki."

Clark, unsure how to act, then asks..

Clark: "Tell me then.. is this what you wanted? Us apart.."

He sees her nervously holding back, tears then getting involved.

His expectations of her still high, Clark pushes the limits..

Clark: "No more silence, Cierra. I don't admit to anyone I'm treating you like my own.. But now.."

She began to weep, but refused to look weak from the man that nurtured her adult life, shouting..


Candy: "Volume, Cierra.."

As she rubs away her face, she answered back..

Cierra: "I feel I belonged.. really! In The Prophecy! In here too! W-with a team, I-I.."

Clark: "That's more than enough. You're happy. I can cope with that, CANDY.."

That sudden rage fuelled name drop got her ready to escape, but she struggled to retain..

Candy: "Uhh.. (he's going to lash out on me, is he?)"

Cierra: "I'm.. umm.. sorry for leaving so sudden. I had to find Lulu. I.. never knew that without her I wouldn't be complete."

The ternion needs to come back, she thought, but Candy too chimed in on the situation..

Candy: "Cierra.. I'm.. right there with you. Just that.. I don't want any more with Augur than I already did!"

Miffed at her involvment, Clark moves her aside and speaks..

Clark: "For completeness sake.. do know you're always welcome back in The Prophecy, no matter how bleak your new career looks."

Nash: "Bleak? Brother, I doubt that's what she's getting into."

Cierra: "Roger that.. I better sign off before.. they find out. Anything else?"

Pulling her back in, Clark then spoke, softly..

Clark: "No. You're an adult now.. do what you want. Don't be shy to call me, the Count, or Gary even. And you better apologize to Candy."

Cierra: "R-right! I'm sorry! I'll take care of Lulu. For us!"

Candy: "When's the next time we tussle, Cierra? I want it with all three of us the next time!"

Cierra: "A-a-if only.. well, no promises.. byeee!"

The tablet's call ends, which Clark tosses back to Jacob..

Clark: "Well, I didn't want that. But you all know I needed it."

Jake Ross: "You're welcome."

But while it was a moment of bliss, his violent streak kicked in, frustrated for reasons still unknown.

He started tossing more things around, while aware the car's still there.

Clark: "URGHH!! Damn it all. If Gary was here, he'd get a face full of fist! If not this Fowler Boys crap with The Cinderella, I would've handle Augur like they would like to handle my precious little wonder!"

The two men then notice Candy step up..

Candy: "Well.. what are you waiting for?"

Clark: "Tch.."

Nash had to stop his brother he thought, but Jacob halted him with a swing of his arm.

Nash: "Ohh?"

Candy: "I.. thought I'd be a good punching bag for you.. so.. if you please?"

He respects women, but being as she requested this personally, he didn't abstain.

She felt a fist coming in, eyes closed, expecting a sharp pain coming in.

But as it was to come, it stopped, just by a breath's range.

Clark: "No."

Candy: "N-no?! (He pulled it THIS close?)"

He came close, and instead leaned down..

Clark: "If I landed so much as a single smudge on to your lovely little face, I'd already lose myself. Now.. no more being a scaredy cat, Miss Lam. I have been, as you'd like it too, convinced."

Upon hearing that, Candy's emotional baggage on Clark Kayne has, strangely, floated away.

Relieved, she then sees him continue..

Clark: "Should I even hit you, you find yourself an excuse to not be racing this weekend, let alone any of you. Which would be a f[BLEEP]ing pity."

The white haired legend didn't take long to figure out..

Nash: "Am I.. seeing some development?"

Clark: "Like what I saw with Cierra.. I have to move on, brother. You know that. They know that. But when I f[BLEEP]ing move on, I have to take the f[BLEEP]ing first step. It's been more than 10 years."

His rage quelled, he finds motivation flooding in..

Clark: "And I wish to take it as the true me. Not Clark Kayne, the Messiah, but as.. Maximus Davies.. host of Sim Gear, going into our first ever sponsored GT event."

Unexpectedly, Nash's mission also came to a success, as he celebrates.

Nash: "Oh, verily so.. I'm.. I'm shocked! So shocked, I could weep.. If only Alan wasn't on holiday to see this: you, me, Guts.. on the track!"

Reminded of the old man, he replies to his brother with confidence.

Clark: "Don't leave the geezer out, brother! Let's take him back in."

Nash: "Right! I suppose you're right.. He too has a want to join our cause.. I need a manufacturer.. any suggestions?"

Jacob then came close and noted..

Jake Ross: "How about Hyundai? They got me a nice V6.. nearly took their offer, and trust me: they're desperate for racers."

Remembering The Guts and his Genesis, Nash couldn't find anything against this idea by himself, asking..

Nash: "I'm afraid there isn't anyone that can testify to this?"

Candy: "Not this time."

Jake Ross: "Sophia would. But.."

Remembering the former ambassador of a certain tamed racing animal, Nash then thought..

Nash: "Sophia would.. that's dodgy.."

Clark: "We can.. try to use it as leverage should she come crawling back."

His brother's wisdom once again at play, he obliges to the logic..

Nash: "Alright. But anything out of the ordinary, and I'll have to pull it."

Clark though has had enough of the crowd..

Clark: "Well? I say we're settled. You two are dismissed."

The two outsiders start to exit, but not without some praises of their own.

Candy: "Talk about amazing! Wait till big sis hears of this!"

Jake Ross: "I wonder if they'll see hints of The Messiah's greatness finally on the legal world.. All thanks to us."

Candy: "Nonsense! It's your doing! I was in it for the ride, that's all."

Nash and Clark, brothers of a Mythic declaration, then looked outside..

Nash: "What? We let them go without thanking them?"

Clark: "Not in front of them, no. F[BLEEP] this act of grateful mercy. But you know me enough that I appreciate their efforts. I'll let Rin know. Promise."

Car of the Week | Week 65: Kaz–Approved (Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01) (2024)
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